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FAQs about Henna Hair Colour

Surya Henna Hair Colour Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video for information about Surya Henna CREAM Hair Colour and how to use it:

How to colour your hair with Henna Cream

Watch this video for information about Surya Henna POWDER Hair Colour and how to use it:

How to use Henna POWDER

Q. What is henna?
A. View our “What is Henna” page >

Q. What is the difference between Surya’s Henna Hair Colouring products and other types and brands of hair colour?

A. Surya Brasil’s natural colour formulations are natural and vegan. In fact, our Henna Powders are 100% vegetal and chemical-free! Our henna formulations are an innovative blend of Indian henna and Brazilian botanicals. There is nothing else like our natural colours on the market.

Traditional at-home chemical hair colour brands have a harsh, unpleasant and often toxic smell. Our henna formulations are mild and pleasant to the senses. The actual colours used in other brands are potentially harmful to your health. Our hair colours treat your hair with active ingredients found in nature.

Conventional hair colouring products contain PPD and parabens, which are irritating and allergenic preservatives and some may contain lead and heavy metals. Surya Henna hair colours do not contain PPD, Parabens or many other commonly used nasty chemicals. Our henna does not contain ammonia or peroxide either which is used in traditional colouring products to open the hair cuticle and facilitate synthetic dye penetration. Peroxide is one of the greatest free-radical producing agents to remove natural colour and replace it with an artificial one. When used, it can be damaging to the hair and health.

One of the best things about our natural henna colour is that it may be used on hair processed with perms, straightening systems and used on top of chemical colour. They offer 100% grey and white coverage with incredibly rich tones in shimmering, translucent shades. Colour is evenly distributed and henna is extremely nourishing.

Surya Henna Creams and Powders are healthy, eco-friendly, natural and safe to use. They do NOT contain ammonia, formaldehyde, resorcinol, parabens, genetically modified organisims (GMO’s), phthalates, animal testing, mercury, gluten, mineral oils, salts, heavy metals or volatile organic compounds.

When you choose Surya Brasil’s Henna Hair Colouring products, you are choosing the cleanest, most natural hair colouring products available on the market.

Q. What is the difference between Surya Henna Powder and Cream?
A. Henna POWDER comes in 8 colours (plus one neutral colour for hair conditioning). It is a 100% natural, plant-based vegetable formula. The powder has to be mixed with water. It is a very pure hair colouring product with only natural ingredients that lasts 20 – 30 shampoos before gradually fading out. These colours are warm with hints of reddish tones.

Henna CREAM comes in 15 pre-mixed, ready-to-use colours. It is made up of natural henna and other plant-based ingredients, plus some additional pigments to provide extra colour choices. The colour gradually fades after 7 – 12 shampoos.

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Q. Is Surya Henna permanent or temporary?
A. Surya Brasil’s Henna Hair Colours are SEMI-permanent (temporary). Henna POWDER gradually washes out in 20-30 shampoos. Henna CREAM will gradually wash out over 7 – 12 shampoos. Long-term use will result in more durability in colour due to the build up of lawsome, the botanical colouring and conditioning agent in Surya Henna. Colour will last even longer if the Color Fixation shampoo, conditioner and treatments are used (recommended).

Q. Why is Surya Henna special?
A. Surya’s henna ingredient comes from an exclusive plantation in India that is under strict quality control and soil regulations. It is the quality of our henna that provides the beautiful ranges of colours you can achieve, as well as the beautiful result in the condition of your hair.

Q. Will it cover my grey hair?
A. Yes, Surya Henna Creams and Powders are designed to cover grey hair. However, for stubborn grey, add 30 minutes to development time – checking regularly for colour result.

Note: Surya Henna Cream Swedish Blonde and Light Blonde will have no effect on grey hair that was dark BEFORE turning grey. We recommend the use of SURYA HENNA CREAM GOLDEN BLONDE. See instructions in pack.

If you are using Surya Henna CREAM and you have highly resistant grey hair we recommend that you first colour your hair with a colour from the Suyra Henna POWDER range, as per instructions provided in the pack, and then apply the Henna CREAM colour of your choice afterwards. The Henna Powder will act as a BASE coat, improving the grey coverage of your hair after you have coloured with the Henna Cream.

Q. May I use Surya Henna colouring either before or after a chemical process?
A. Our hair colouring products are compatible with most chemical processes and may even be used on the same day. However, to ensure the desired result, a test should be performed by applying a small amount of the product to a strand of hair following the directions on the instruction sheet inside the package. According to tests performed by the well-reputed Evic Brasil Institute of Skin Bioengineering, Surya Henna Cream may be used after straightening, relaxing and hot brush that are formulated with Guanidine, Ammonia Thioglycolate or Sodium Hydroxide.

Q. Can people receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy use Surya Henna hair colouring?
A. Surya Henna Powder or Cream hair colouring products contain no ingredients that would be harmful to people in these circumstances. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you first seek the advice of your doctor. For your safety, you should always perform a sensitivity test as directed on the instruction sheet inside the package.

Q. Is Surya Henna safe to use when pregnant?
A. Yes, our henna can be used safely during pregnancy because it does not contain heavy metals or chemicals of any kind. However, because women have more possibility for sensitivities during pregnancy, it is advisable to perform a sensitivity test 24 hours prior to using Surya Henna on the hair.

Q. Do you recommend henna for people with allergies?
A. Sensitivities are individual in nature – even natural ingredients can cause a reaction in some people. Therefore, we always recommend you test a small area of the skin 24 hours before use of the product, especially if you have a history of allergies.

Q What treatment does Surya Henna provide for the hair?
A. The plants in our formulations have been used safely and effectively by indigenous cultures to improve conditions such as hair thinning, seborrhea, dandruff, and oily hair and to support lustre and hair growth.

Q. I have heard that henna dries out the hair. Does Surya Henna have this effect?
A. No. Surya Henna Powder removes excessive oil from the scalp and helps to condition the hair naturally. For dry hair, we suggest mixing Surya Henna Powder with nonfat yogurt or nonfat milk plus honey for a luxurious hydrating treatment.

Q. What are the medicinal properties of Surya Henna POWDER?
A. While we don’t make medicinal claims about our products, the herbs used in this formula are traditionally known to be astringent, antibacterial, antifungal and growth-stimulating for the hair.

Q. What type of hair is best treated by Surya Henna POWDER?
A. Surya Henna Powder is indicated for all hair types. It is highly recommended for those suffering from hair loss, oily conditions, thinning hair caused by sebum blockage or chemically damaged hair.

Q. I want to lighten my hair. What colour of Surya Henna works best?
A. Surya Henna products cannot lighten the hair because they do not contain lightening agents such as ammonia or peroxide.

Q. Can Surya Henna products be used on all hair types?
A. Yes, they can be used on all hair types. Whether you hair is curly, straight, course or fine, your hair will enjoy the benefits of Surya Henna.

Q. How many colours are available in Surya Henna Hair Colours?
Surya Henna POWDER is available in 8 colours plus one neutral colour for conditioning. Surya Henna CREAM is available in 15 colours.

Q. How do you get the different colours of henna?

A. Henna comes from one species of plant, Lawsonia inermis. The colour derived from the plant depends on its age and the seasonal variation of nature’s subtle hand. Lawsome, the plant constituent responsible for its pigment has the characteristic of producing colours in the orange, red to reddish brown range. Surya carefully blends combinations of plants to achieve the range of colours available. Some are blended with indigo, for example, to obtain different hues. One of the Powders is a neutral (non-colouring) henna product that is used as a conditioning treatment.

Q. Can Surya Henna be used effectively on chemically treated hair?
A. Yes, hair that has undergone any type of chemical treatment can be helped with the use of Surya Henna. By coating the shaft with a protective film, Surya Henna protects the hair strand. The complementary plants used in our formula work to reverse the damage caused by conventional colouring.

Q. I heard that henna cannot be used on straightened, permed, dyed or discoloured hair for one year after the use of these methods. Is this true?
A. Surya Henna can be used in all of these circumstances; however, discoloured hair should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. There may be times that discolouration should be addressed through a Surya specialist to make the correct choice of colour correction. However, Surya Henna is so beneficial for your hair that it can be applied as a conditioner after any chemical treatment.

Q. What does the Surya Henna Powder kit contain?
Our Henna Powder contains 50 grams of Henna Powder, one pair of plastic gloves, one plastic cap and easy to follow instructions.

Q. What does the Surya Henna Cream kit contain?
Our Henna Cream contains: 1 bottle of cream (70ml) with resealable applicator nozzle, one pair of plastic gloves, one plastic cap, and easy to follow instructions

Q. How much hair does one box cover?
A. It depends upon the length and thickness of your hair. Typically a full, thick head of long hair, hair down to your mid-back would require two –four boxes of Surya Henna Powder and one to one and a half bottles of Surya Henna Cream. Our henna cream is easy to apply and covers grey well. If you’re worried, buy multiples – both products keep extremely well so you can use one bottle and start on the second, and then save the leftover colour in a dark, dry place for the next time.

Q. Can I mix Surya Henna Powder with Henna Cream?
A. No,it is not advised. However you may mix powder colours with other powder colours (or cream colours with other cream colours) to get your own unique shade.

Q. Does Surya Henna stain skin or clothing?
A. It is a natural dye so it is advised to use gloves and apron when applying henna powder. To prevent colouring the skin around the hairline, use a light application of an oily moisturizer to prevent any stain. If you have any residual colouring of the skin, use soap and water and a gentle exfoliation with cloth or loofa to remove.

Q. Should I apply Surya Henna Creams and Powders to dry or damp hair?
A. Our henna should be applied to damp hair that is clean and free of styling product build-up. It is recommended that you shampoo before applying our henna colours. For best results, do not shampoo immediately after colouring.

Q. Does Surya Henna colour very dark hair?
A. Surya Henna used on black or dark brown hair will not produce any colour variation with the exception of slight red or purple highlights. However it will cause any grey hairs to be shaded in a reddish brown tone depending on the colour chosen.

Q. Do you have any suggestions of what I could mix with Surya Henna POWDER for a better custom treatment?
A. If you want an extra conditioning treatment, Surya Henna POWDER can be mixed with nonfat yogurt or nonfat milk and honey for a luxurious hydrating treatment. It is not recommended to add any ingredients to Surya Henna CREAM.

Q. Can men use Surya Henna?
A. Yes, anyone can use Surya Henna.

Q. I have some balding going on, will Surya Henna help?
A. Balding can occur for various reasons, in most cases henna will not resolve balding, but it can help maintain the health of remaining hair and will support a healthy scalp.

Q. Will my hair turn red if I use your henna?

A. If you use Surya Brasil Henna Cream, only if you chose one of our shades of red, but we offer 15 shades of henna hair colour- from the lightest of blondes to the deepest of browns and blacks. If you use Surya Henna Powder, which has a natural red base, you may have red tones in your new colour, and golden ones as well.