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How we source our ingredients

Surya ingredientsHow we source our ingredients – Surya Brasil

100% Vegan, Natural and Organic Sustainable Beauty and Lifestyle Products from Brazil

Passionately committed to environmental conservation, animal protection and social responsibility, Surya Brasil is well known for its premium natural hair colouring and hair and body treatment formulas that are sold in over forty countries around the world. All products, including their organic and natural skin care collections are made from sustainably harvested, non GMO ingredients, vegan certified and gluten free.

A Beauty Wellness Brand with a Mission

Surya Brasil has set forth to create the best quality personal care and lifestyle products made with the utmost intent purpose and pure energy. All Surya Brasil collections promote beauty, health and well being while bringing forward action that benefits society and the environment. The brand works hard to maintain the highest level of responsibility towards consumers, suppliers, distributors, store buyers, employees, the community and the environment wherever the brand is operating.

Brand History

Founded in 1995, by Clelia Angelon and Wanda Malhotra, the brand has been operating successfully in São Paulo, Brazil for over 25 years supplying cosmetics founded on a vision of internal beauty that embraces the Ayurvedic principle: Know how to live in harmony with nature and oneself using elements that do not harm the body. The intention to create the brand actually began in 1976, when Clelia sought to develop high performance products for her own use that were as natural and organic as possible

Surya products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients – many of our ingredients are sourced from one of the most significant areas of biodiversity on the planet, the Amazon Rainforest. As one of our world’s most perfect treasures it is crucial that we support sustainable harvesting practices in the Amazon.

Surya respects the animal and plant kingdoms and honours the interconnectedness of all life. Our company strives to manifest authenticity and coherence between our ethics and our conduct. In an endeavour to demonstrate this commitment, we have received certification from the most important international agencies including Fair Trade Certified, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Ecocert, Vegan, PETA (cruelty-free), Cosmebio, and ISO 14001.

Utilising the diversity, strength and wealth found in nature whilst respecting and protecting the natural environment, we are guided by Ayervedic principles of harmony and balance between people and nature. Surya Brasil also abstains from using substances that are harmful to you or to the environment.


Innovation, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Surya Brasil has spent the last 20 years unearthing the therapeutic performance of exotic botanical ingredients like buriti, murumuru and cupuaçu from the Amazon and combining them with ancient plants and herbs like ‘Henna’ (Lawsonia inermis) a flowering plant and Brahmi, a scalp soothing botanical from India to create the company’s best selling natural henna colour formulations, hair care and skincare.

Organic cosmetics contain plant oils, essential oils, extracts, butters and other active ingredients that promote the benefits of nature in its purest state, producing real results.

The difference between a natural and an organic cosmetic is that the vegetable raw materials of an organic cosmetic are more rigorously controlled when farmed – they are planted in uncontaminated soil and cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. In the case of Amazônia Preciosa, many of its plant ingredients grow wild, that is, uncultivated, but are extracted from forests in a sustainable manner without upsetting the balance of the ecosystem.

The purpose of making organic cosmetics is to offer the consumer a quality product (a “purer” cosmetic with no risks to health), and equally important, to observe good environmental practices. By purchasing an organic cosmetic, the consumer is assured that the product was manufactured without harming the environment and that using the product entails eventually discarding an environment-safe residue.

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