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How we work with communities

Surya SolidaritySurya Solidarity

Surya Brasil’s Social Division

Surya Solidarity is a non-profit volunteer program focusing on animal protection, environmental preservation, educational transformation and human rights for all ages and stages of life.

For Surya Brasil, we work with communities because “doing good” is a core brand value.

Committed to improving communities, defending animals and protecting our planet, the brand’s non-profit, social division and charitable program, Surya Solidarity was created to achieve a significant and lasting social impact. Surya Solidarity’s goal is to promote the welfare of people through education and community, the world’s natural resources and animal rights.

“We want to be understood and appreciated as a company that really cares and that contributes to making the world a better place,” explains Wanda Malhotra, co-founder of Surya Brasil.

“The mission at Surya Brasil is to compassionately care for the world we live in, from the products we create to the ways in which we give back to the environment and it’s inhabitants.

At Surya Brasil, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world,” continues Clelia Angelon, co-founder of Surya Brasil.

Employees of Surya Brasil and volunteers of Surya Solidarity pledge to put in practice the passion, vision and mission of Surya Brasil through charitable action that make viable everything the brand holds true while manifesting authenticity and value.

Environmental & Sustainable…making it easier to be Green

Surya Brasil natural, organic and vegan products, Espaço Surya spa and l i festyle store, Emporio Surya Brasi l were created to make it easier for consumers to lower their carbon footprint while consuming healthier non-toxic ingredients that are better for the planet, animals and their own body. Surya Brasil strictly adheres to its own standards to ensure that the quality of products offered are natural, organic and 100% vegan.

The brand has also committed to waste elimination and sustainable technology, so not to fill up Landfills and add to the pollution that already over populates the planet. In 2012 at brand HQ in Brazil, they began by creating display shelves for the office using recycled shipping palettes; repairing used appliances and equipment, recycling and reusing grey water in the office and growing a vegetable garden at the Espaço Surya Brasil and at the factory. These practices are now being recreated in the US New York offices with a seasonal vegetable garden in the brand’s courtyard and organic and vegan food and snacks available throughout the day.

Education TransformationSurya Classroom

Surya Solidarity began sponsoring Construindo Talentos, (Building Talents) in 2009. The independent project, funded in entirety by the brand and initiated by co-founder, Wanda Malhotra, teaches arts, crafts, gardening, and vegan baking to children and adolescents ages 11-17 who live in foster care at Marly Cury. “We are teaching the children how to work in groups, with respect and unity. We want to help them realize their potential so that they can become professionals in the future and support themselves honestly and with dignity while becoming responsible adults,” explains Wanda Malhotra.

Wanda Malhotra, who believes that one of the most serious problems in Brazil, especially in big cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is the violence experienced through crime and murder. She believes that the solution is to treat the root of the problem, that is, what causes the violence in our community, rather than just trying to control it.

Psychologists of Construindo Talentos are responsible for psychotherapy treatment and professional orientation for children in foster homes in Brazil. These children are being taught respect for others, for our society, for the animals, for nature and many other important issues. It is a complete project that gives these children and many others a future – offering real opportunity in their lives — for when they turn 18, the law makes them leave the institution and start their lives on their own. Most leave the institutions illiterate and unprepared for the market. Many have no idea where to even begin looking for a job. The project intends to give them a way to start making a living, bringing a better start to their adult lives.

Recently Clelia, who plays the drums and keyboard, began visiting the Marly Cury foster home in São Paulo on Saturdays. She took these visits to a whole new level when she asked her employees and friends to come with her to start a music band with the children. They now practice at a recording studio every week and are beginning to make beautiful music together.

Keeping Women and Girls Safe

In 2014, Surya Solidarity plans on inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and body by championing and raising awareness for Girls Inc. (Girlsinc.org) and their life-changing programs and experiences that help girls navigate gender, economic and social barriers.

Human Rights – for all Ages and Stages of Life

Clelia Angelon teaches dances classes to the elderly and Marcio Moreira, Surya Solidarity’s Director visits aging women and men and promotes Surya Brasil beauty days with Surya Henna colour, skin care all while sharing healthy, vegan recipes. Many of the volunteers march for gay rights in the annual LGBT parade The São Paulo Gay Pride or Parada do Orgulho Gay GLBT de São Paulo, in Portuguese, has grown from 2,000 participants in 1997 to almost 4 million people in 2013. They made to the Guinness Book in 2006 for the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebration and haven’t lost its #1 position ever since.