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NTP Health Products

NTP Health Products are the exclusive importers and distributors of Surya Brasil products in Australia.



Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil manufactures and distributes it’s products internationally.




Surya has a library of informative and instructive videos available for viewing through Youtube:


 How to colour your hair with Henna Cream

Video: How to colour with Henna Cream

Video: Go Natural Hair Dye (avoid PPD (PTD) in hair colours)

Certifications and Associations

In an endeavor to confirm the benefits and distinctions of our products clearly and credibly, we sought certification from the most important international agencies, which have confirmed the ethics in cosmetics produced by Surya Brasil:

A French institution that certifies organic products in several parts of the world. Ecocert observed the entire production chain of our cosmetics, confirming that production criteria comply with regulations. An organic certification seal is the consumer’s guarantee that the product purchased is really organic. Click here to browse our organic cosmetics.

PETA – Cruelty-free
The “cruelty-free” seal is given by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organization dedicated to defending animal rights. Products with this seal do not contain ingredients of animal origin and have not been submitted to animal testing.

Products with this seal are guaranteed not to be tested on animals or to contain ingredients of animal origin. Surya Brasil is the only Brazilian company with products that have received this certification given by Vegan Action, an American institution that fights against animal abuse, consumption of products of animal origin and any action that is damaging to the fauna

All cardboard packages containing Surya Brasil products have received FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensuring that paper production is made of the wood derived from reforested areas and other controlled sources, and assuring respect for the environment and for workers.

Through this seal, the French Professional Ecological and Organic Cosmetic Association guarantees that a cosmetic product follows the specifications for natural or organic products.

Fairtrade certified
The Fair Trade model requires rigorous protection of local ecosystems and ensures that farmers receive a harvest price, which will allow them to practice sustainable agriculture and eventually transform into an organic agriculture for a better environment.


Surya Brasil is associated with the following institutions:

It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the protection of animals, with headquarters in the United States. It develops campaigns against animal abuse or laboratory testing on animals.

Associação Brasileira de Produtos Naturais e Bem-Estar (Brazilian Trade Association for Natural Products and Well-Being) brings together companies that market natural products with environmental responsibility.

Safe Cosmetics
A campaign bringing together cosmetic companies committed to not using toxic ingredients, but replacing them with safe alternatives for the consumer.

Organic Trade Association
OTA is a membership-based association comprised of businesses engaged in the production, distribution, certification, and promotion of organic products and the services required to produce them.