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Amazonia Preciosa

Amazonia Preciosa natural products

From the Amazing Amazon!

Amazônia Preciosa is an all-natural range of cosmetic products for skin and hair care that nurture beauty while respecting nature. This is the best that Brazil has to offer!

Available in two lines:
> Amazônia Preciosa Hair Care range
> Amazônia Preciosa Body Care range

The shampoos, conditioners and hair masks use important Amazonian plants specifically selected for the health and beauty of the hair; the body care products utilise plant extracts that are compatible with the skin.

Rich in plant oils, essential oils, extracts, butters and other active ingredients that promote the benefits of nature in its purest state, Surya has created natural and organic formulas that are uniquely compatible with hair and skin biology. The botanical ingredients are extracted directly from nature – native forests or pesticide-free plantations – which are farmed sustainably, without damaging the environment. Amazônia Preciosa was developed under the most stringent guidelines for the natural products industry. They are more than just natural hair and skin solutions; they are organic solutions, and have been certified by Ecocert.

“We took the best of this industry’s understanding and development and then far exceeded these standards to produce pure and ecologically correct body care products.” [Surya Brasil]

Surya Brasil has a proud history of balancing the quest for health and beauty with the preservation of the natural environment. All its products and packaging have been designed with environmental protection in mind.

The line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, liquid hand soap, shower gel, facial toner, hand and body lotion, leg and foot balm, massage oil, facial mask with clay, facial moisturizer and clay mask.

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