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About the Preciosa Tree

Preciosa Tree from the Amazon

What is the Amazonia Preciosa tree – and why is it so precious?

Preciosa it is the name of a tree found only in the Amazon. It’s essential oil has an exotic and seductive fragrance that stimulates the senses and evokes a journey in search of one’s essence.

They call it “preciosa” because it is considered the most precious tree of the forest.

When a Preciosa tree topples from the force of the wind, it remains intact for many years – some reports say more than ten years – while maintaining its same properties: analgesic, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, deodorant, stimulant and tonic.

Traditionally, its bark is used to treat acne, influenza, dermatitis, fever, frigidity, headaches,infections, nausea, nervous tension and skin wounds. Its thin and hard bark is removed in chips and kept by rubber tappers. When visited by friends, they prepare a very sweet tea from the bark.

It is a tree of sparse growth in the forest. Therefore, extraction must be performed with sustainable planning that does not upset the existence of surrounding trees to ensure that there will always be seeds for the repopulation of the tree and the growth of new seedlings. The bark is harvested in a special cooperative venture; mandatory sustainable development and harvesting are required. This relationship with the native peoples preserves not only the forests but also the survival of its inhabitants who make their living collecting in a sustainable manner. Surya’s Preciosa oil is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ensuring environmental responsibility.

Each of the products in the Amazônia Preciosa line contain essential oil from the bark of the Preciosa tree providing a unique experience that doesn’t occur with other plants in nature because its natural fragrance is incapable of being reproduced even in the most sophisticated laboratories. Its seductive scent (which could be described as a subtle cinnamon and honey aroma) along with the rare ecosystem that produces the Preciosa, gives this special tree a premium status among the people of Brazil. Native Brazilian plants such as Cupuaçu, Ucuuba, Brazil Nut, Buriti and Murumuru offer rich nutrients that help in the regeneration and treatment of the hair and scalp.

Surya Brasil has gone to great lengths to ensure that each of the Amazonian plants are wild crafted in a responsible manner.

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