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Amazonia Preciosa Body Care

Amazonia Preciosa Body Care

From the Amazing Amazon!

The face and body products of the Amazônia Preciosa Body Care line have in their composition organic ingredients which range from 10% to 99% of the formulation – ingredients certified by Ecocert and IBD (Instituto Biodinâmico, a Brazilian organism that certifies organic products. To reach this high level of concentration of organic ingredients, the cost (compared with conventional cosmetics or even natural cosmetics without organic ingredients) is very high because of the organic raw materials from our suppliers and the technological costs necessary for the development of cosmetics with this level of sophistication.

As opposed to conventional cosmetics, the active ingredients of the Amazônia Preciosa line are all natural derived (vegetable extracts and oils). Preciosa products are free of artificial colouring, synthetic fragrance, SLS/SLES, parabens, silicon, DEA and mineral oil and other ingredients considered harmful by the natural products industry.

All these characteristics result in high performance and unique differentials, making the Amazônia Preciosa line the most advanced concept in natural cosmetics fully justifying its pricing structure in relation to its full range of benefits to both people and planet.

Each of the gentle formulas of Amazônia Preciosa contains essential oil from the bark of the Preciosa tree that provides a unique experience that doesn’t occur with other plants in nature: its natural fragrance is incapable of being reproduced even in the most sophisticated laboratories. Surya has created a totally new sensory experience through this line. In addition, the Preciosa essential oil is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure environmental responsibility.

Range includes:

  • Facial Toner 120ml
  • Hand and Body lotion 250ml
  • Liquid Hand Soap 315ml
  • Shower Gel and Scrub 250ml