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Color Fixation

Color Fixation extends the life of your colour

Extend the vitality of your colour and keep the compliments coming!

Surya Color Fixation shampoo, conditioners and treatments are designed to extend the life and colour vibrancy of your applied hair colour. Excellent for dry and damaged hair especially from over-dyeing or use of other chemical processes, Surya Color Fixation can be used daily for maximum hair treatment to restore and protect your healthy, shiny hair.

Extracts from India and the Amazon forest have been added to these advanced, natural formulas to protect the hair and lock in colour longer – reducing colourfade and boosting resilience to the harmful effects of the modern environment. Enriched with plant proteins that have been specifically selected to nourish and repair hair scales, the formulas include 15 supportive herbs, nuts and fruits to add moisture, suppleness and shine.

For example, Brazilian Cupuacu butter and Buriti oil, rich in vitamins A and C, have the natural ability to protect the hair from the damage done by the sun, which can bleach the strands, by absorbing the ultraviolet rays. Rice Protein has the unique ability to work as a reconstructor, strengthening the cuticle and preserving the natural moisture in the strand. Its restorative and protective effect gives smoothness, shine and vitality to the hair. When in contact with the hair, the protein of the rice is absorbed. It forms a moisturizing film, improving the damaged structure of the keratin. It is excellent for repairing damage to the hair caused by chemical or colouring treatments.

Exclusive bottle design for shampoo and conditioner: the open/close system prevents direct contact with outside agents. Keeps water and other contaminates from entering product.

These amazing Color Fixation products will leave your hair resilient, manageable and glowing with health.