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Sapien Men

Designed exclusively for men!

Sapien Men is a 100% plant-based range of skin and bodycare products that have been specially designed for the modern man. Easy, practical and efficient, these effective grooming aids are powerful assets in the pursuit of your good look without compromising your health or the natural environment.

There are now seven (7) amazing products in the range, as Surya have just introduced Sapien Men Beard Oil.  The full range includes the Beard Oil; Shampoo 2-in-1;
Shower Gel; Facial Scrub; Shave Cream; After Shave Cream; and Hair Styling Gel.
Sleek and sophisticated, Sapien’s black packaging creates a powerful masculine statement on your bathroom counter as well as on your skin. With a clean, refined masculine scent sparkling with citrus, spice and woody notes – made with pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrance – Sapien includes targeted ingredients to help normalise oil production and improve hydration.
Gentle enough for your sensitive side, Sapien also uses gluten-free amaranth proteins and mild cleansing agents to ensure your skin is as fresh, clear and unblemished as possible.
Each of the 6 formulations is 100% plant based and offers unique, ethically harvested plants and fruits from the Amazon for uncompromising quality and efficacy. All ingredients are gathered from nature with sustainability and respect for natural resources. The entire collection is certified organic through EcoCert and guaranteed cruelty-free. It contains no ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on animals.

Sapien is an intelligent and modern choice for those who care about beauty, well-being and planetary conservation.

  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Fair trade
  • Healthy and safe for hair and skin

Choose the best quality grooming products for men.