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Surya Henna for Eyebrows

The dream has come true!

Newest member of the Surya Brasil family, the Henna for Eyebrows is the most natural on the market with the best performance. You know Surya Brasil means high quality and healthy products, guaranteeing precisely defined and naturally looking eyebrows due to its plant based formula. You can use this product to design, thicken and also even out your eyebrows. Correct minor imperfections, frame your look and flaunt your natural beauty!

– Made with Natural Extracts

– Vegan

– Naturally defined eyebrows – up to 25 applications per kit

This product is meant to dye the skin of your eyebrows, not the hair. That is why it is important to design the shape precisely and clean any smudges as soon as they happen. Gray hair will still be gray after application.

Henna for Eyebrows Basic Tutorial

Flawlessly frame your face using our vegan Henna For Eyebrows made with natural plant extracts! Check out the full range to get one step closer to perfect brows: http://bit.ly/2nAoTCd

Posted by Surya Brasil on Friday, September 1, 2017